Bitstarz BTC Casino

Bitstarz discovered the light of the world in 2014. Although this is actually a “late starter” for the industry, the company has climbed the success ladder massively in the last two years. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, it is ensured on several levels that Bitstarz works seriously and reliably. On …

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EBook About Crypto Trading

Important Tips To Improve Your Trading Right From The Start Successful trading, be it cryptocurrencies, stocks or Forex, requires passion, the right attitude and patience. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel: Rely on the many years of expertise of the investment specialists who wrote the crypto trading book and request the free eBook …

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BTC Sportsbooks – Best Tips

In the last couple of years, Bitcoin has enjoyed impressive success as a cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the currency has undoubtedly arrived in the middle of society and is also used here in numerous variants. On the one hand, the currency can be traded in the “classic” way, but on the other hand, the Bitcoin betting providers …

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The Mysterious Full Node Of Ethereum

Ethereum can be confusing. The mere question of how large the blockchain is – 100 gigabytes or one terabyte – presents many people with a challenge. It is equally difficult to define what a full node is and to explain how to read the blockchain.

BCash Attack Planned For September

We are 100% sure that we can split the Bitcoin Cash network into many different forks. BCash Stress Test Day will take place on September 1: The BCH community is trying to create 32 megabyte blocks all day long. Meanwhile, a mysterious miner announces that on this day Bitcoin Cash will collapse through a series …

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Lightning Network – First Conclusions After Test Phase

Successful Routing decreases rapidly as the Amount increases Now that the lighting network has been spreading for about five months, analysts are preparing their first interim financial statements. The result could be sobering: Routing between two random nodes is extremely unreliable, especially for larger amounts, and there are already significant tendencies towards centralization. But there …

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Tether: Is it Really USD-Covered?

For some time there have been doubts if the tether tokens are really covered by money. With the confirmation of a law firm, Tether wanted to take the wind out of the sails of the speculators. Now it appears, however, that lawyers, Bank and Tether are interwoven alarmingly closely.