Access Denied To Crypto Website? How To Bypass Internet Blocks Easily


You have many options to be able to use VPN for yourself. On the one hand, it is already for your own security, but with VPN you already bypass one or the other block. Surely it has happened to you that you could not see something because it is subject to an IP block in Germany.

What technology can be used to bypass country blocks? How can I bypass the Netflix VPN block? Amazon Prime VPN doesn’t work, what’s the deal with that? Or what to do when cryptocurrency website access like an investment platform or a trading or casino site is prohibited in the place where I’m staying?

Bypass VPN – Different Types of Blocking

On the one hand, it may be that your entire IP address has been blocked. This is because the IP address tells the website in question everything about your location and the device you are using. For instance, if you are using VPN, then the websites can only see the location and server you are connecting to.

In doing so, Netflix and also Hulu compare the IP addresses of your visitors with a database. In this database there are known VPN servers. Netflix recognizes VPN and can therefore easily block it. Nevertheless, there are also many providers that can bypass the Netflix VPN block by simply changing the IP addresses constantly.

In addition, ports can also be blocked through which your VPN must first run. Thus, it is not uncommon for network administrators to close the very ports that often need to be passed through with a VPN. Along with this, companies and even governments can make use of deep packet inspection techniques, whereby data on the running network can be examined to see if a VPN blocker is being used. Netflix Vpn block bypass 2021, so you can also manage with NordVPN. Bypass Internet filters, but you can also in other ways.

Netflix and VPN – How to bypass VPN Blockers?

The quickest way to bypass a geo-block is usually to use a reliable VPN service, which is not affected by blocking. This way, you will not be affected by Netflix blocking VPN. Continue surfing without problems, is possible with it. Good providers constantly change the IP address, so it is very difficult to trace you. Netflix and VPN is an issue with many home consumers.

Netflix blocks VPN, but with a dedicated IP address it works to prevent this. Even if this costs a little more money, the user is almost fully protected from the Netflix VPN block. Even at work, VPN blockers can be bypassed quite easily by simply changing the port.

Bypass VPN, works in different ways. Also worth a try is to download Tor as a browser to bypass Geoblock and disguise IP address. Bypass internet filter, you can also do it on Tor, where your data will bypass the administrators.

To bypass IP blocking, you can also use OfbsProxy to bypass DPI detection.

What Technology can be used to bypass Country Blocking – IP Blocking with Smart DNS?

Smart DNS is another technology you can use to bypass VPN geoblocking. These services also work on multiple platforms and operating systems. Even on smartphone it is applicable, which makes bypassing geoblocking Android not a problem anymore.

The Smart DNS service can be easily configured. Moreover, DNS doesn’t use any encryption, so your IPS speed won’t suffer. What’s more, these services are quite affordable. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is that not all sites can be unblocked automatically. You cannot bypass the IP in every country without restrictions.

Thus, bypassing the Netflix VPN lock should not be that easy anymore. With Smart DNS, your geographical location will continue to be displayed.

Bypass IP Ban – For this the Technologies can also be used

With a VPN and the other technologies mentioned, you can not only bypass the Netflix geoblocking. It is also possible to bypass the Kodi country lock with it. For this, you need to set Kodi to VPN, for example.

This is easily done by adding the service as add-ons or even by installing it from the router. Bypassing the Kodi country lock, however, usually only works with unofficial add-ons. Nevertheless, there is also a third possibility. You can also bypass a Kodi country lock if you simply install VPN on the end device.

Bypassing the Zippyshare lock can be achieved in much the same way. Downloads are often made available there, which should not be distributed so widely.

Nevertheless, it is now also possible to use this site in other ways. It is just, then only somewhat awkwardly. You can also bypass the Zippyshare block by going to

However, this does not always work, so you will have to use a VPN or proxy. Bypassing the Zippyshare lock does not work otherwise. With Vodafone, certain blocks can also occur. Not only for streaming services, but also sites that are classified as illegal according to this provider.

You can also partially bypass the Vodafone web block with Opera VPN. Smart DNS should also work here. Especially with sites like and Kinox, you can bypass the Vodafone webblock. Of course, proxy is also possible for this. You just need to use the right server to be able to bypass a Vodafone webblock.

TS3 also experienced bans, especially for German users. You can also bypass the TS3 ban 2021 with a VPN. Bypassing the TS3 ban 2021, also works by changing your identity or username in the Teamspeak settings. Also with proxy you could pretend to be someone else and make the TS3 ban bypass 2021 an easy one.

The jdownloader VPN – How you can use it for Yourself

Proxy and the VPN service you already know. But what technology can be used to bypass country blocks, other than these two options?

Sometimes, they even already track what exactly they have downloaded. This quickly exposes that you are trying to get content from the other country with a VPN service or proxy. But with jdownloader VPN, it’s a completely different story again. The jdownloader 2 VPN is a download manager written in Java.

With this you can simply download what you want and no one notices. Thus, you could theoretically also download the Tor browser, which also guarantees anonymous surfing. The VPN jdownloader 2 is definitely worth considering if you want to surf abroad undetected. Additionally, you can also add proxy in the jdownloader VPN settings if you prefer.

Partially, it can also be set so that you actually only download something if this works via a specific IP address. So, the VPN jdownloader 2 has far more features than first thought. Primarily designed for downloading, you could theoretically use it to download Youtube videos as well. Bypassing geoblocking Android also works via it.

In fact, a jdownloader 2 VPN is also compatible with many download platforms. Moreover, this can also be controlled remotely. Certain files that you need and that are uploaded by One Click hosters can be downloaded with VPN jdownloader 2.

Before the jdownaloader 2 VPN actually runs at your place, Java Runtime needs to be installed first. With jdownloader 2 VPN you are definitely on the safe side.